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New software
PuTTY 0.70
PuTTY is one of the big guys in the SSH and Telnet clients bunch with added abilities to c
Tags: SSH client, Rlogin client, client , Telnet client

Download PuTTY
Size: 2969.6 MB
New software
Emby Server
A smart and comfortable media server that organizes your media collection - videos, audios

Download Emby Server
Size: 525 MB
New software
Klaros-Testmanagement 4.7.1
An application for test management in software development projects
Tags: assurance , software quality assurance, create test plan, test management

Download Klaros-Testmanagement
Size: 241664 MB
New software
Plex Media Server
Manage and stream your media to the Media Center
Tags: media center, catalogue , organize media, media server

Download Plex Media Server
Size: 73728 MB
New software
Happytime RTSP Server 1.8
Simple and reliable Network application to host a RTSP server on your computer in an easy,

Download Happytime RTSP Server
Size: 12492.8 MB
New software

Download Apache Tomcat
Size: 10444.8 MB
New software
A RADIUS server that allows you to save your session log and event log
Tags: SQLite server, authenticate , RADIUS server, session log

Download TekRADIUS LT
Size: 6860.8 MB
New software

Download PlayOn
Size: 155852.8 MB
New software
JobServer Standard 3.12.8
A powerful Java scheduler with built-in workflow
Tags: service automation, automation , Java scheduler, job scheduler

Download JobServer Standard
Size: 87961.6 MB
New software
Subsonic 6.1.3822b2
A web-based media streamer, providing access to your entire music collection wherever you
Tags: web media , online music collection, web media streamer, ID3 tag editor

Download Subsonic
Size: 66150.4 MB
New software
ArangoDB 3.1.19
A database server that supports graphs and geo-algorithms
Tags: configure , data model, run query, database server

Download ArangoDB
Size: 84582.4 MB
New software

Download GlassFish
Size: 107212.8 MB
New software
Bitvise SSH Server 7.29
Powerful and popular server to offer access to personal computer when you are not at your

Download Bitvise SSH Server
Size: 14233.6 MB
New software
This application is a fork from version 0.62 of the PuTTY SSH/ Telnet client
Tags: Telnet Client, Telnet , SSH client, chat server

Download KiTTY
Size: 664 MB
New software
TSM Studio Server
Enables you to retrieve data and generate reports for the Tivoli Storage Manager.

Download TSM Studio Server
Size: 198656 MB
New software
The ultimate home entertainment software that streams music, movies and photos.
Tags: show, share, home, ie, photo

Download Mezzmo
Size: 100864 MB
New software
Xshell Free 5.0.1060
A powerful SSH, TELNET and RLOGIN terminal emulator
Tags: SSH client, emulator , TELNET client, terminal emulator

Download Xshell Free
Size: 28774.4 MB
New software
Daminion Server
Low-cost digital asset management system for small teams
Tags: digital asset management, server , photo manager, picture management

Download Daminion Server
Size: 212992 MB
New software
Xshell 5.0.1060
Xshell is a powerful terminal emulator that supports SSH, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL.
Tags: TELNET client, SSH client, TELNET , terminal emulator

Download Xshell
Size: 28774.4 MB
New software
JabRef 3.7
An open-source cross-platform graphical frontend to manage BibTeX databases
Tags:bibliographic reference manager, database manager, manage , BibTeX database

Download JabRef
Size: 35635.2 MB
New software
TeamSpeak Server
Crystal clear, cross-platform voice communication
Tags: Voice , File Transfer, Communication Server, Chat Server

Download TeamSpeak Server
Size: 5324.8 MB
New software
freeSSHD 1.3.1
Simple and useful application developed to secure your network, create and manage remote c

Download freeSSHD
Size: 856 MB
New software
PuTTYTabManager Beta
PuTTYTabManager is exactly what its name clearly suggests, namely a session management too

Download PuTTYTabManager
Size: 136 MB

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