Access Control shareware and freeware software

New software
ECS Safe Lock 0.1
A virtual safe application that was especially created to provide strong protection to the
Tags: file vault, protector , file safe, document protector

Download ECS Safe Lock
Size: 3.62 MB
New software
OneNote Password Recovery
A simple but highly effective tool that enables you to extract the password from OneNote f
Tags: password dictionary attack, retrieve database password, finder , OneNote password finder

Download OneNote Password Recovery
Size: 10.9 MB
New software
Anti-File Hacking 2.0
With this simple application all your files can now be kept safe onto your PC, without hav
Tags: password protection, file protector, file encryptor, encryptor

Download Anti-File Hacking
Size: 8.52 MB
New software
Ultimate Password Tool 13.5.0
A simple, yet powerful application that comes in handy for users who want to protect their
Tags: generate password, file encryptor, encryption , protect document

Download Ultimate Password Tool
Size: 35.6 MB
New software
Reset Password Pro 1.0.6
A safe and trusted application that helps you to easily and quickly reset any system admin
Tags:password changer, recover password, changer , unlock system

Download Reset Password Pro
Size: 1 MB
New software
SDM 1.0
An intuitive software solution for effortlessly putting up messages that display images, t
Tags: Erase Message, Password-Protect Message, Message , Create Message

Download SDM
Size: 1.93 MB
New software
Torrent File Hash Checker 1.0
An user-friendly application that can be used for verifying the integrity of a torrent fil
Tags:torrent checker, verify , verify integrity, torrent integrity

Download Torrent File Hash Checker
Size: 22 KB
New software
Bitdefender Safepay
Top protection for online transactions provided by one of the most popular and awarded sec
Tags: protect payment, theft , anti-phishing software, payment safety

Download Bitdefender Safepay
Size: 5.41 MB
New software
ssdeep 2.10
Compute hashes with this tool
Tags: hash computation, compute hash, compute , fuzzy hash

Download ssdeep
Size: 0.15 MB
New software
LaCie PC Lock 1.7
A simple software solution that provides powerful protection for any system by preventing
Tags:computer lockdown, USB key software, USB key , lock system

Download LaCie PC Lock
Size: 5.11 MB
New software
Aobo Filter 4.01
Block unwanted websites and filter certain sites
Tags: Webpage Blocker, Block Website, Website Blocker, Forbid

Download Aobo Filter
Size: 2.59 MB
New software
NetSee VPN 13.0427
An easy to use application that allows you to connect to secure servers from around the wo
Tags: connection , VPN server, connection security, VPN service

Download NetSee VPN
Size: 3.7 MB
New software
YCorrupt Desktop Locker
A basic, yet effective application designed to lock your desktop screen in order to preven
Tags: desktop lockdown, blocker , lock desktop, block desktop

Download YCorrupt Desktop Locker
Size: 0.61 MB
New software
An easy to use application that can help you block advertisements, hijackers, malware and
Tags:Internet protection, malware blocker, connection optimizer, hijacker

Download X-Optimizer
Size: 0.21 MB
New software
Data Digester 1.6.10 Build 941
A user-friendly software solution that you can rely on to generate various types of checks
Tags: Generate Checksum, Signature , Checksum Generator, Verify Checksum

Download Data Digester
Size: 58.6 MB
New software
JHS Hash Checker 0.2
Generate hash for files on your computer
Tags: check , generate hash, check hash, create hash

Download JHS Hash Checker
Size: 0.83 MB
New software
PC Pitstop 60 Second Diagnostic 1.007
A multi-purpose application that scans your computer in order to detect viruses, spyware,
Tags:computer diagnostics, diagnostics , PC diagnostics, spyware scanner

Download PC Pitstop 60 Second Diagnostic
Size: 0.68 MB
New software
ASLR Process Scanner 1.5
Command-line tool to scan and show ASLR enabled processes
Tags:ASLR enabled process, scan , ASLR process, ASLR scanner

Download ASLR Process Scanner
Size: 0.17 MB
New software
SpyShelter Personal Free 8.5.1
Anti keylogger software.Protect your privacy and feel secured with SpyShelter
Tags: block keylogger, keylogger protection, keylogger blocker, keylogger

Download SpyShelter Personal Free
Size: 6.37 MB
New software
Baidu PC Faster
Baidu PC Faster provides you with an all-in-one toolbox to make sure your computer is runn
Tags: Boot Optimizer, Malware Scanner, Junk Cleaner, Registry

Download Baidu PC Faster
Size: 22220.8 MB
New software
USBee 1.0.1
Protect your USB drive from autorun viruses
Tags: personalize flash drive, immunize USB drive, immunize , protect USB

Download USBee
Size: 2.97 MB
New software
Hidden Cmd Detector 1.5
Detects hidden command prompts in order to prevent hackers from hijacking your PC
Tags: hidden command shell, hidden CMD, CMD , detect hidden CMD, hidden command prompt

Download Hidden Cmd Detector
Size: 0.11 MB
New software

Download Faceless Internet Connection
Size: 5.81 MB
New software
TrustPort Net Gateway
Complete protection for company networks, Mail gateway, Web Gateway, Gateway AV
Tags: filter , web gateway, gateway antivirus, mail gateway

Download TrustPort Net Gateway
Size: 254 MB

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