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Download Revolver Server Monitor
Size: 14.4 MB
New software
JumpBox for the MoinMoin Wiki Software 1.8.4
Install MoinMoin, an advanced, easy to use and extensible Wiki Engine with a large communi
Tags:MoinMoin Virtualization, Wiki , Wiki Engine, MoinMoin Wiki

Download JumpBox for the MoinMoin Wiki Software
Size: 230 MB
New software
A POP3 Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server
Tags:POP3 connector, Exchange Connector, Exchange , SSL connection

Download POP3conneX
Size: 1.46 MB
New software
JumpBox for the OpenLDAP Directory Server 1.8.2
Will help get you started doing centralized LDAP-based authentication, centralized contact
Tags: Server , Centralized Contact Sharing, OpenLDAP Virtualization, Directory Server

Download JumpBox for the OpenLDAP Directory Server
Size: 195 MB
New software
JumpBox for Tracks Task Management 1.8.2
Dominate your todo list with an elegant implementation of the "Getting Things Done" method
Tags: Tracks Server, Tracks Virtualization, Task Management, Task Management, Jumpbox

Download JumpBox for Tracks Task Management
Size: 243 MB
New software
ActiveHTML 1.05.0008
This software provides Active-Server-Pages (ASP) to Nearly Every Web Server supporting CGI
Tags:Web Server, html support, ASP , common object

Download ActiveHTML
Size: 10.6 MB
New software
SQL Decrypter Pro 1.20
A simple software solution that can help users quickly decrypt MS SQL Server stored proced
Tags: SQL server, decrypt SQL, SQL decrypter, decrypt stored procedure, decrypter

Download SQL Decrypter Pro
Size: 1.57 MB
New software

Download JumpBox for the Bugzilla Bug Tracking System
Size: 243 MB
New software
People Picker Plus for SharePoint 1.0.7
A faster and more reliable replacement for the default "People Picker" tool within SharePo
Tags: pick people, SharePoint , people picker, SharePoint tool

Download People Picker Plus for SharePoint
Size: 43 KB
New software

Download Feedback Client for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
Size: 0.89 MB
New software
PKZIP Server 14.20.0019
A data compression solution for network servers.
Tags: compression , server data compresion, encrypt document, compress data

Download PKZIP Server
Size: 14.3 MB
New software
JonDoConsole 00.00.163
A console application that can change your IP address when you are online
Tags: change , proxy server, IP changer, IP address, change IP address

Download JonDoConsole
Size: 6.47 MB
New software
Win Firewall Log Analyser
An efficient software utility that can analyze your Windows Firewall logs and display whic
Tags: firewall analyser, analyse firewall, firewall , firewall log

Download Win Firewall Log Analyser
Size: 49 MB
New software
HarePoint Knowledge Base for SharePoint 1.0.937
A software solution especially designed to provide you with a fully-functional knowledge m
Tags: template , Knowledge Base, SharePoint Knowledge Base, Knowledge Base management, create Knowledge Base

Download HarePoint Knowledge Base for SharePoint
Size: 17 MB
New software

Download HarePoint Workflow Scheduler for SharePoint
Size: 2.31 MB
New software
SharePoint Classifier 2.4.830.0
Organizes your company's critical electronic content in SharePoint.
Tags:migrate document, organize document, metadata classifier, metadata

Download SharePoint Classifier
Size: 8.45 MB
New software
BoostSolutions Document Number Generator 2.4.830.0
A SharePoint addon for automatically assigning numbers to documents
Tags: Generate Number, Number , SharePoint Addon, Number Generator

Download BoostSolutions Document Number Generator
Size: 4.79 MB
New software
SharePoint List Advanced Filter 2.4.830.0
Use multiple SharePoint fields as a criteria to filter any information
Tags: Data Finder, SharePoint Plugin, Filter Data, SharePoint

Download SharePoint List Advanced Filter
Size: 4.65 MB

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