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New software
AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter
Powerful and reliable application to create useful Office 365 and Exchange Online reports

Download AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter
Size: 49459.2 MB
New software
Excel to MSSQL
Excel-to-MSSQL is a program to migrate MS Excel data into MS SQL databases.
Tags: automatic, format, data, microsoft sql server, database management

Download Excel to MSSQL
Size: 993 MB
New software
Advanced Task Scheduler 4.5.616
A powerful cost-effective tool to schedule running of applications.
Tags: reboot, turn off, dial, automate, application

Download Advanced Task Scheduler
Size: 52633.6 MB
New software
Advanced Task Scheduler Professional 4.5.616
Professional application to automate tasks and events that distinguishes between different

Download Advanced Task Scheduler Professional
Size: 53043.2 MB
New software
ThisIsMyFile 2.06
Simple and small application to unlock or delete locked or protected files

Download ThisIsMyFile
Size: 108 MB
New software
Simple, lightweight and reliable application to quickly and easily disable CPU parking wit

Download ParkControl
Size: 930 MB
New software
Auto Shutdown Manager
Manage power on, shutdown, logoff and sleep mode of your networked PCs centrally
Tags: hibernate, power down, auto power down, green it, Central Manage power on

Download Auto Shutdown Manager
Size: 19046.41 MB
New software
DayMate 7.32
A versatile intuitive day planner and reminder.
Tags: planner, clock, iCalendar, reminder, calendar

Download DayMate
Size: 8294.4 MB
New software
Alcohol 52% Free
Powerful and free emulation software application to play CDs and DVDs without a physical d

Download Alcohol 52% Free
Size: 7168 MB
New software
Perfect Keyboard Professional 8.3.5
Assign key shortcuts to powerful macros, type faster, eliminate repetitive tasks
Tags: clipboard, macro, debugger, automate, typing

Download Perfect Keyboard Professional
Size: 14745.6 MB
New software
Simple and useful software to use it for playing with your mouse button and running applic

Download Keystarter
Size: 101580.8 MB
New software
Actual Window Guard 8.10.2
A helpful tool to always keep windows on the desktop in order that you prefer.
Tags: order, popup, command, resize, size

Download Actual Window Guard
Size: 8089.6 MB
New software
Actual Window Rollup 8.10.2
Say goodbye to minimized windows and welcome the more practical Roll Up feature!
Tags:automatic, windows manager, windows, minimize, rollup

Download Actual Window Rollup
Size: 8089.6 MB
New software
Actual Window Manager 8.10.2
Forget the windows chaos on your PC desktop and concentrate on work.
Tags: co, translucent, minimize, program, windows

Download Actual Window Manager
Size: 10444.8 MB
New software
An advanced task scheduler / automation tool for Windows
Tags: windows, VisualCron, task scheduler, automation, scheduled tasks

Download VisualCron
Size: 141312 MB
New software
AutoMe 7.0
Macro program and windows automation software with task scheduler, color checker
Tags: keyboard macro, mouse macro, macro, automation, automate

Download AutoMe
Size: 4096 MB
New software
Command line tool to Pull WSUS updates, filter options, and reboot control

Download ABC-Update
Size: 3174.4 MB
New software
Auto clicker and Macro Recorder - eliminate repetetive tasks
Tags:Auto-clicker, Macro Recorder, Automatic button pushing, stop programs, start programs

Download PTFB Pro
Size: 7987.2 MB
New software
WinBatch 2017A
WinBatch is scripting for Windows. Scripts automate all aspects of PC operation.
Tags: task, macro, demo, sms, integration

Download WinBatch
Size: 14540.8 MB
New software
Auto ShutDown 3.4
Very simple program, which will automatically shutdown system after a specified
Tags: auto shutdown, automatically shutdown, Autoshutdown, windows

Download Auto ShutDown
Size: 2560 MB
New software
Free Mouse Auto Clicker 3.8.5
Simple automation tool to help you reduce redundant / repeated mouse click work

Download Free Mouse Auto Clicker
Size: 467 MB
New software
Build robust automated tasks to schedule, monitor and integrate your IT systems
Tags: scheduling, sftp, excel, snmp, automation

Download AutoMate
Size: 223744 MB

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