Benchmarking shareware and freeware software

New software
PCMark 10 1.0.1275
PCMark 7 is a complete PC benchmarking solution for Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Tags: Performance Benchmark, Test Performance, Test , Start Benchmark

Download PCMark
Size: 2726297.6 MB
New software
ExperienceIndexOK 1.21
Simple solution to read and show your Windows Experience Index and recalculate it

Download ExperienceIndexOK
Size: 55 MB
New software
FurMark is a very intensive OpenGL benchmark that uses fur rendering algorithms to measure
Tags: render , fur rendering, openGL benchmark, pixel shader

Download FurMark
Size: 6860.8 MB
New software
3DMark 2.3.3682
Cross-platform benchmark for Windows, Windows RT, Android and iOS

Download 3DMark
Size: 3879731.2 MB
New software
Geekbench 4.1.0
A cross-platform benchmark that measures your computer's processor and memory performance
Tags: processor performance, cross-platform benchmark, memory performance, memory

Download Geekbench
Size: 86835.2 MB
New software
PerformanceTest 9.0.1013
Easy-to-use PC hardware benchmarking software
Tags: network, video, DirectX 11, test, program

Download PerformanceTest
Size: 51200 MB
New software
Memtest86 7.3
Stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers
Tags:Memory Test, Memory Tester, Tester , RAM Checker

Download Memtest86
Size: 5120 MB
New software
OCCT 4.4.3
This application will let you benchmark and overclock your system components
Tags: monitor RAM, test CPU, monitor CPU, RAM

Download OCCT
Size: 6758.4 MB
New software
Comprehensive benchmark tool for CPU, RAM, ...
Tags:benchmark, tool, server, utility

Download HeavyLoad
Size: 9216 MB
New software
Catzilla 4K
A robust benchmarking system that aims to assess the capabilities of your computer by runn
Tags: benchmark test, benchmark software, performance , system benchmark

Download Catzilla
Size: 513024 MB
New software

Download CPU-M Benchmark
Size: 603 MB
New software
IsMyHdOK 1.22
Software to test the performance of hard drives

Download IsMyHdOK
Size: 56 MB
New software

Download DiskMarkStream
Size: 144 MB
New software
Disk Utility to test Internal Memory and Memory Card speed of Nokia Communicator
Tags: Software, Benchmark, 9210, OPL, Nokia

Download DiskBench
Size: 159 MB
New software
Barcode 2.0
A Barcode is simply gadget for barcodes checking.
Tags:barcodes, digit, codes, EAN-13, checksum

Download Barcode
Size: 97 KB
New software
Measures both sustained and burst data transfer rates of your hard disks, cd/dvd-roms, fla

Download HD_Speed
Size: 84 KB
New software
Test It! for Windows 8
Delivers a collection of benchmarking tests designed to assess the health and performance
Tags: detect dead pixel, monitor , benchmark monitor, monitor benchmark, dead pixel

Download Test It! for Windows 8
Size: 36 KB
New software

Download RightMark PPM Panel
Size: 0.82 MB
New software
wPrime 2.10
wPrime is a leading multithreaded benchmark for x86 processors that tests your processor p
Tags: Benchmark CPU, Hardware Analysis, Processor , CPU Benchmark

Download wPrime
Size: 0.98 MB
New software
GMABooster 2.1b
The world's first and only perfomance boost solution for Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
Tags: boost , boost graphic performance, core clock adjustment, adjust core clock

Download GMABooster
Size: 1.3 MB
New software
Auto Shutdown PC
Auto Shutdown PC helps you automatically shut down,power off,reboot,hibernate,suspend or l
Tags:shutdown computer, application launcher, schedule , schedule shutdown

Download Auto Shutdown PC
Size: 1.22 MB
New software
CPUTempWatch 1.0.13
Check out your CPU's temperature with this application.
Tags: test CPU temperature, CPU benchmark, CPU temperature checker, tester, check

Download CPUTempWatch
Size: 0.15 MB
New software
RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.4.0
Independent audio measurements open-source project
Tags:audio analyzer, audio measurements, measurer , audio test

Download RightMark Audio Analyzer
Size: 2 MB
New software
ThrottleStop 5.00 Beta 03 / 4.10
Performance Adjustment Tool for Core 2 / Core i CPUs
Tags: benchmark CPU, modulation , CPU throttle, CPU benchmark

Download ThrottleStop
Size: 0.62 MB
New software
Mihov Blank Screen 1.5
Use the program to set the brightness and test the quality of a monitor.
Tags: LCD, color, grey, monitor, screen

Download Mihov Blank Screen
Size: 0.19 MB

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