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Advanced PBX Data Logger
Advanced PBX Data Logger - an efficient tool for your PBX data logging needs!
Tags: tarificator, cir data, call logger, cdr, call accounting

Download Advanced PBX Data Logger
Size: 38297.6 MB
New software
Advanced OPC Data Logger
Advanced OPC Data Logger - an efficient tool for your OPC data logging needs!
Tags: opc tag, opc server, logging, logger, opc data logger

Download Advanced OPC Data Logger
Size: 14643.2 MB
New software
Convert XLS 10.81
Convert to/from Excel, CSV, TXT. Batch able. Automate all your Excel processes.
Tags: Convert Excel, Automate XLS, Automate Excel, Move XLS, Converter Excel

Download Convert XLS
Size: 15769.6 MB
New software
Convert Document to Image 10.20
Convert DOC to Tiff, JPG, GIF, BMP etc. Fast & accurate. Batchable. Command line
Tags:Convert Document to Image, Convert DOCX to JPEG, Convert Doc to TIFF, Convert DOC to JPEG, Convert TXT to TIF

Download Convert Document to Image
Size: 7680 MB
New software
Diff Doc 10.20
Document comparison tool. Any file type. Fast & accurate. Automate your compare.
Tags: diff, compare text, compare txt, compare document, diff file

Download Diff Doc
Size: 7065.6 MB
New software

Download WinContig
Size: 956 MB
New software
Convert Image to PDF 10.10
Convert JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF to PDF. Fast, accurate & easy to use. Batch able.
Tags: Tiff to PDF, Convert JPEG to PDF, Image to PDF Conversion, Convert Image to PDF, Converter Tiff to PDF

Download Convert Image to PDF
Size: 5427.2 MB
New software
Advanced NMEA Data Logger
Advanced NMEA Data Logger - an efficient tool for your data logging needs!
Tags: NMEA, RS232, parser, tracing, logger

Download Advanced NMEA Data Logger
Size: 13107.2 MB
New software
Advanced Modem Data Logger
Advanced Modem Data Logger - an efficient tool for your modem data logging needs
Tags: logging, GSM, log, logger, USB

Download Advanced Modem Data Logger
Size: 11264 MB
New software

Download Free RAR Extract Frog
Size: 1126.41 MB
New software
SysResources Manager 12.4
Watch system status and all system activities, optimize performance.
Tags: ram status, cpu usage, clean memory, drive, clean memxp

Download SysResources Manager
Size: 5529.6 MB
New software
Registry Purify 6.01
Registry Purify analyze and clean invalid entries in Windows registry, backup and restore
Tags: registry, clean registry, registry cleaner, compact registry, clean

Download Registry Purify
Size: 8.12 MB
New software
WinShake 2.70
Minimize (other) windows, make thwm (semi)transparent, hover Taskbar for live look at wind
Tags: Transparency, Shake Window, Taskbar, Taskbar Peek, Window Transparency

Download WinShake
Size: 2.06 MB
New software
Tarma InstallMate
Create stand-alone installers for any Windows 32-bit or 64-bit desktop or server platform,
Tags:create installer, builder, installer, build installer, creator

Download Tarma InstallMate
Size: 4.79 MB
New software
RamWizard allows you to free unused memory to speed up other programs.
Tags: FreeRam, RamWizard, ram, optimize, Shareware

Download RamWizard
Size: 2.49 MB
New software
Cursor Hider
Cursor Hider hides the mouse pointer while you are typing text or watch a video
Tags: hider, hide, pointer, click, keyboard

Download Cursor Hider
Size: 0.48 MB
New software
PDF-XChange Lite 5.0.267
Simple PDF Creation from any Windows Software
Tags: EDM, SDK, DM, Acrobat, EDMS

Download PDF-XChange Lite
Size: 11.4 MB
New software
Urduayub Urdu Keyboard
Urduayub Urdu Language Phonetic Keyboard with some convenient added characters.
Tags:urduayub, urdu-keyboard, urdu-phonetic, urdu, urdu-language

Download Urduayub Urdu Keyboard
Size: 0.19 MB
New software
Accent Composer - Keyboard Utility 2.05
Simplifies entering accented characters. Unicode compatible.
Tags: accents, special characters, cedilla, diaeresis, foreign

Download Accent Composer - Keyboard Utility
Size: 3.62 MB
New software
MyDefrag 4.3.1
Fast, low overhead, with many optimization strategies. Included are a set of easy to use s
Tags: defrag, disk defragmenter, defragment, defragment disk, disk defragmentation

Download MyDefrag
Size: 2 KB
New software
Aniosoft iBackup Trial Version
Aniosoft iBackup transfer all files from iPod/iPhone to computer
Tags: ipod2computer, ipodtopc, ipodtocomputer, ipod to pc, ipod2pc

Download Aniosoft iBackup Trial Version
Size: 1.46 MB
New software
ForOffPC 1.0
Program ForOffPC for power managment your PC
Tags:Program ForOffPC for power managment your PC.

Download ForOffPC
Size: 0.3 MB
New software
CodySafe CommPack
Set of portable applications for system administration and maintenance
Tags: menu, removable disk, USB flash drive, portableapps, portable applications

Download CodySafe CommPack
Size: 10.99 MB
New software
CodySafe Admin Pack
Set of portable applications for system administration and maintenance
Tags: CodySafe, removable disk, portableapps, menu, portable applications

Download CodySafe Admin Pack
Size: 40.19 MB

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