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assic art picture designer 3.0
Ascii picture designer is a professional tool for creating ascii art picture!
Tags: numeric idiograph, digital art, ascii picture, ascii graphics, assic art

Download assic art picture designer
Size: 0.79 MB
New software

Download Exchange Keyfinder
Size: 2.15 MB
New software
FAR Manager Password Recovery
FAR Manager Password Recovery is a program that instantly recovers passwords.
Tags:FAR Manager, FAR, Recovery, Reactive, security

Download FAR Manager Password Recovery
Size: 0.2 MB
New software
UninstallDummy! 1.2
Remove phantom programs from your Add/Remove Programs list.
Tags: add/remove programs applet, uninstall, uninstalldummy, uninstaller, add remove programs

Download UninstallDummy!
Size: 0.65 MB
New software
Share Serial Ports 1.0
Share serial port with bidirectional data transfer between multiple applications
Tags: virtual serial port driver, Share Serial Ports, sharing serial ports, serial port connection, add virtual port

Download Share Serial Ports
Size: 1.51 MB
New software
Softick Cache 1.00
Softick Cache increases overall performance by optimizing file access routines
Tags: cache, palm os, performance, speed, storage card

Download Softick Cache
Size: 51 KB
New software
12Ghosts JustAWindow 9.70
Cover, hide, or conceal areas on the screen that you don't want to see
Tags: justawindow, hide, cover, window

Download 12Ghosts JustAWindow
Size: 0.71 MB
New software
LTProf 1.5
Small but powerful code profiling tool for VC++, CBuilder, Delphi and VB.
Tags: ltprof, CBuilder profiler, Borland profiler, profiling tool, Delphi profiler

Download LTProf
Size: 1.37 MB
New software

Download No-Keys
Size: 0.49 MB
New software
AutoSecretary 4.0
State of the art digital phone secretary featuring AI to handle user voice input
Tags: voice modem, communication, computer telephony, warning, r dialogic

Download AutoSecretary
Size: 0.47 MB
New software
eBook Reader for Nokia 9500 (9300) 2.1
eBook Reader for Nokia 9300/9500 is a viewer and organizer for electronic books.
Tags: doc, nokia 9500, nokia 9300, electronic, 9300

Download eBook Reader for Nokia 9500 (9300)
Size: 0.36 MB
New software
Local Cooling 1
Local Cooling - Fight Global Warming From Your Desktop
Tags: power mode, greenhouse effect, local cooling, energy consumption, shutdown

Download Local Cooling
Size: 24 KB
New software
Privacy Protector 6.50
Erasing very sensitive files with Privacy Protector.
Tags: erase, internet explorer, cache, history, ie

Download Privacy Protector
Size: 2.8 MB
New software
System Eye 3.5
Maintain productivity of your PC, fast find dead programs and losses of memory
Tags: manager, maintenance, memory, ram, productivity

Download System Eye
Size: 0.43 MB
New software
Computer Error Doctor 2013.33
Remove Bugs, Fix Errors and Increase the Speed of your PC. - FREE DOWNLOAD
Tags: speed, slow, fix registry errors, fix, repair registry

Download Computer Error Doctor
Size: 2.62 MB
New software
FileMaid 1.0
FileMaid will help you delete unused files from your file servers.
Tags: GrubleTrang, unused, file server, consultant, delete

Download FileMaid
Size: 0.29 MB
New software
Gisborne Font TT 2.00
Serif newspaper font, mass appeal, like Gazette
Tags: font, Gisborne, Rubicon, serif, truetype

Download Gisborne Font TT
Size: 32 KB
New software
WinCleaner Memory Optimizer 5.0.1
WinCleaner Memory Optimizer Cleans, Optimizes and Frees your computer's memory.
Tags:Memory, Performance, Optimizer, Prevent Crash, Unique

Download WinCleaner Memory Optimizer
Size: 0.79 MB
New software
Plancoin 0.3
Plancoin allows you to hide selected windows in one keypress
Tags: free, open source, window, gpl, hide

Download Plancoin
Size: 100 KB
New software
ConfigInspector 1.1
ConfigInspector is a free utility for analyzing system information.
Tags: process list, System info, Computer configuration, process list, Task manager

Download ConfigInspector
Size: 0.18 MB
New software

Download Advanced Windows Optimizer
Size: 3.11 MB
New software
HotShift Calendar 3.2.9
Desk top calendar for Fire and EMS, Printing utility and web calendar generator.
Tags: platoon, fire, calendar, shift, ems

Download HotShift Calendar
Size: 3.42 MB
New software
More Space Sanitizer 5.0
Safely reclaim and sanitize disk space by deleting duplicates and file hogs
Tags: sanitize, morespace, disk utility, free disk space, diskspace

Download More Space Sanitizer
Size: 1.74 MB
New software
12Ghosts ShutDown 9.70
Shut down with one click, run scan disk and backup programs programs before.
Tags: boot.ini, logoff, idle, shutdown, control

Download 12Ghosts ShutDown
Size: 0.71 MB

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