Virtualized development software

New software
Vagrant 1.9.6
Vagrant is a command line utility designed to enable ...
Tags:virtualized development, dependency , development virtualization, development environment

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Size: 225280 MB
New software
SkillFusion Development Engine 5.2.4
With its ability to generate web applications in numerous software ...
Tags:UML modeler database generator java web application development tool jsp asp .net

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Size: 26.32 MB
New software
iFlyDisk 2.01
iFlyDisk is a network based virtualized disk mapping software iFlyDisk ...
Tags: Virtual disk, Storage Virtualization, Distribute File System, Mapping, Disk mapping

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Size: 2.9 MB
New software
Ultimate 2017.1.10804
Ultimate is a C cross-platform rapid application development suite It ...
Tags: GUI toolkit, IDE, RAD, C++, cross-platform

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Size: 50688 MB
New software
Chemistry Development Kit 1.4.17
Chemistry Development Kit is now developed by more than developers ...
Tags:Chemistry, bioinformatics library, Development, Kit, bioinformatics tool

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Size: 16 MB
New software
Leap SE 4.0
Leap SE is an advanced requirements engineering CASE tool that ...
Tags: business rule, specification, RAD, object oriented tool, systems engineering tool

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Size: 2 MB
New software
Blue Ink 1.4.1
On its most recent software development project the use of ...
Tags: code generation, code generator, application development, .NET generator, database development

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Size: 2.39 MB
New software
ACIDE 0.14 Alpha
ACIDE A Configurable IDE is a software application designed to ...

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Size: 16.6 MB
New software
MyDeveloper Tools for Delphi 2.10
MyDeveloper Tools formerly known as MySQL Developer Tools is a ...
Tags: IDE extension, development, Query builder, query, Delphi

Download MyDeveloper Tools for Delphi
Size: 4.92 MB
New software
BVRDE 1.3b
BVRDE is an Integrated Development Environment IDE for C and ...
Tags: UNIX, gcc, dbx, gdb, IDE

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Size: 8.56 MB
New software
Help Development Studio 1.92
All modern software applications no matter how large or small ...
Tags: help system, help development, help compiler, creating help, HTML help

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Size: 1.34 MB

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