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Best data analyzer, 2D/3D-plotting, calc and presentation program.
Tags: plot, smith diagram, scientific, data logging, plotting

Download SimplexNumerica
Size: 81203.2 MB
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Flexible and graphical neural network development tool with genetic optimization
Tags:neural, excel, regression, ai, classifier

Download NeuroSolutions
Size: 53657.6 MB
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ChemMaths 16.1
Software suitable for Engineering,Chemistry/Science, Professionals/education.
Tags: eng, visuals, chem, maths, simulations

Download ChemMaths
Size: 10854.4 MB
New software
FindGraph 2.611
Simplify the task of curve fitting and regression analysis.
Tags: b-spline, equation, plotting, fitting, spline

Download FindGraph
Size: 4608 MB
New software
StatCalc 8.1.3
Inexpensive and easy to use statistical tool. Mac and Windows.
Tags: spreadsheet, statistical, data analysis, calculator, educational

Download StatCalc
Size: 25292.8 MB
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Match n Freq 6.10
Pulse shaping filter program; finds the pole-zero locations of transfer function
Tags: Optimization, pulse slimming, Fortran Calculus Programming, pulse shaping, Fortran Calculus Language

Download Match n Freq
Size: 3686.4 MB
New software
MITCalc - Tension Springs 1.19
Geometric and strength designs of helical tension cylindrical springs
Tags: static strength check, DIN 2097, cylindrical spring, tension spring, springs

Download MITCalc - Tension Springs
Size: 1.82 MB
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DreamCalc DCS Scientific Calculator 4.9.0
DreamCalc Scientific Calculator (Scientific Edition)
Tags: pi, educational, constants, school calculator, statistics

Download DreamCalc DCS Scientific Calculator
Size: 4.19 MB
New software
MITCalc - Compression Springs 1.19
Geometric and strength designs of helical compression cylindrical springs
Tags: EN 13906-1, helical spring, Spring, compression spring, springs

Download MITCalc - Compression Springs
Size: 1.69 MB
New software
MITCalc - Multi pulley calculation 1.18
Designs of belt and chain transmission with more sprocket wheels
Tags: chain, sprocket, chain transmission, belt transmission, DIN 7721

Download MITCalc - Multi pulley calculation
Size: 1.39 MB
New software
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design
Step by step thermal design calculations of double pipe heat exchangers
Tags: double pipe, thermal design calculations, heat exchanger, hairpin heat exchangers

Download Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design
Size: 14.2 MB
New software
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design
Step by step shell and tube heat exchanger design and analysis software
Tags: process, engineering, tube, design, exchanger

Download Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design
Size: 10.38 MB
New software
VIMeteo 1.2
Real-time weather data from 7000 stations all around the world.
Tags: meteo data, METAR, diagramms, world, temperature

Download VIMeteo
Size: 4.79 MB
New software
BioStat 2009
BioStat - user-friendly biology and medicine oriented statistical software
Tags: probit, time, Kolmogorov, free, statistics

Download BioStat 2009
Size: 29.84 MB
New software

Download MITCalc - Profiles Calculation
Size: 1.43 MB
New software
MITCalc - Shaft connection 1.19
Designs and strength checks of shaped connections of shafts with hubs
Tags: shaped connection, ANSI B17.1, ANSI B92.1, ANSI B17.2, Shaft

Download MITCalc - Shaft connection
Size: 1.63 MB
New software
CASC concentration calculator
CASC calculates recipes for solution preparation and converts concentrations
Tags: solution peraparation, concentration conversion, molar fraction, density table, molality

Download CASC concentration calculator
Size: 0.93 MB
New software
MITCalc - Torsion Springs 1.19
Geometric and strength designs of spiral cylindrical torsion springs
Tags: cylindrical spring, springs, torsion spring, spiral spring, EN 13906-2

Download MITCalc - Torsion Springs
Size: 1.8 MB
New software
ComfortAir HVAC Software 4.0
Heating and air conditioning hourly load calculation and analysis.
Tags: cooling, conditioned, calculation, building, heat

Download ComfortAir HVAC Software
Size: 1.55 MB
New software
ConvertEasy 1.0
An fully configurable conversion utility that converts at the drag of a slider.
Tags: area, length, centigrade, convert, tablespoon

Download ConvertEasy
Size: 0.72 MB
New software
Electrist 1.34
The Top-Rated Electronic & Electrical Engineering Tool for Palm OS
Tags: wye, palm, VSWR, ohms, volt

Download Electrist
Size: 0.42 MB
New software
Algebrus 3.1
Scientific calculator, 2D-3D graph plotter, data analyser, equation solver, ...
Tags: scientific analysis, Pascal programming, statistics, converters, 3D graph

Download Algebrus
Size: 2.82 MB
New software
MITCalc - Tolerance analysis 1.17
Tolerance analysis of linear, 2D and 3D dimensional chains
Tags: ISO 286, worst case, ANSI B4.2, analysis, tolerances

Download MITCalc - Tolerance analysis
Size: 2.77 MB
New software

Download ESBStats - Statistical Analysis Software
Size: 6.56 MB
New software
StatPlus 2009
Statistical analysis program and spreadsheet. Easy to use.
Tags: correlation, Kolmogorov, LD50, analysis, LD84

Download StatPlus 2009
Size: 30.15 MB

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