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New software
TNTmips 2016.20170111
Geospatial software solution

Download TNTmips
Size: 211046.4 MB
New software
IP Video System Design Tool
This software helps design modern video surveillance systems quickly and easy

Download IP Video System Design Tool
Size: 104652.8 MB
New software
EasyAs Accounting 8.1.094
The software is designed to allow simple and easy use by small business
Tags: account manager, manage account, expense , manage finance

Download EasyAs Accounting
Size: 85811.2 MB
New software
A Java-based stock investment portfolio manager
Tags: stock investment, stock portfolio, portfolio manager, investment

Download J'Equity
Size: 53862.4 MB
New software
Simple Shop
A professional computer program for invoicing via POS or A4 printers
Tags: sell item, trade manager, trade , manage shop

Download Simple Shop
Size: 174080 MB
New software
Euler Math Toolbox 2017-01-13
A math software to help you with your work.
Tags:math toolbox, graph , computer algebra, graph tool

Download Euler Math Toolbox
Size: 102400 MB
New software
LayoutEditor 20170115
A program for designing layouts for MEMS/IC fabrication.
Tags: layout designer, layout editor, create layout, design

Download LayoutEditor
Size: 67481.61 MB
New software
BricsCad Platinum
A complete DWG CAD alternative application
Tags: DWG creator, CAD drawing, CAD , DWG CAD

Download BricsCad Platinum
Size: 221184 MB
New software

Download RedCrab
Size: 4812.8 MB
New software
iMagic Inventory 5.16
Software for inventory and invoicing

Download iMagic Inventory
Size: 18534.41 MB
New software
Manager 16.12.53
A comprehensive and practical piece of software that allows you to create a complete datab

Download Manager
Size: 11878.4 MB
New software
ASDIP Concrete 3.2.6
A comprehensive CAD application that you can use to design structural concrete elements, g

Download ASDIP Concrete
Size: 5017.61 MB
New software
Stock Stalker 2.5.6
Simple and reliable application to help monitoring the world stock market

Download Stock Stalker
Size: 925 MB
New software
Tool to make better financial decisions
Tags: business assistant, finance advisor, budget , money manager

Download MoneyWiz
Size: 600 MB
New software
Expedition 10.5.7
A navigation solution for yacht racing and navigation.
Tags: boate course optimization, yacht navigation, navigator , create route

Download Expedition
Size: 65433.6 MB
New software

Download TNTatlas
Size: 84787.2 MB
New software
Hotel Management System Full Board
Easy to use hotel management software that can manage your full board hotel.
Tags: planner , manage hotel, hotel managment, manage booking

Download Hotel Management System Full Board
Size: 5017.61 MB
New software
OkMap 13.5.1
OkMap - GPS Mapping Software for many outdoor activities
Tags:geocoding, srtm, gps, digital, cartography

Download OkMap
Size: 40243.2 MB
New software
EasyBilling 4.9.3 b1047
Professional maker of sales document
Tags: software, ip, voice, sales, document

Download EasyBilling
Size: 63897.6 MB
New software
StyleControls 3.52
Package of VCL components to customize the layout of specified software in development

Download StyleControls
Size: 66252.8 MB
New software
Hl7Spy 2.3.566
The fastest, most full-featured HL7 tool on the market.
Tags: HL7 analysis, HL7 viewer, editor , edit HL7

Download Hl7Spy
Size: 25190.4 MB
New software
Balsamiq Mockups 3.5.6
This application enables you to work on your mockups anywhere you are
Tags: editor , edit mockup, mockup manager, user interface designer

Download Balsamiq Mockups
Size: 14745.6 MB
New software
Flip Shopping Catalog 2.4.7
Simple software to create Flash shopping catalogs and embed them in website

Download Flip Shopping Catalog
Size: 130457.6 MB
New software
Conversational Programming System

Download ECam
Size: 10854.4 MB

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