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Chat Translator for Yahoo Messenger 4.2.1
Instantly translate Yahoo chat to Dutch, French, Chinese, Japanese.

Download Chat Translator for Yahoo Messenger
Size: 3.03 MB
New software
Delete Skype History Network Edition
Application for deleting your Skype messages remotely

Download Delete Skype History Network Edition
Size: 6.07 MB
New software
Delete Skype History Standard Edition 2.1.6
A practical, useful and effective software utility worth having when you need to quickly d

Download Delete Skype History Standard Edition
Size: 6.1 MB
New software
FACT 1.06 Beta
A flexible application that uses a webcam and a microphone to allow users to chat, giving

Download FACT
Size: 1.72 MB
New software
A desktop client for Twitter and FriendFeed

Download SoraUsagi
Size: 1 MB
New software
Previewer for Skype 1.1
Previewer for Skype™ will help you to view images Right away

Download Previewer for Skype
Size: 24.25 MB
New software
IRC Bot 2014-01-28
This is a command-line utility with libraries for an IRC bot framework that is able to han
Tags: command-line IRC, chat , command-line bot, chat bot

Download IRC Bot
Size: 82 KB
New software
sobees Beta
Using this application you can connect your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, then
Tags: LinkedIn Client, LinkedIn , Twitter Client, Facebook Client

Download sobees
Size: 0.41 MB
New software
Yahoo Multi Messenger 2014 1.0
Yahoo Multi Messenger 2014 is an intuitive and quite helpful application that enables you
Tags:multi Yahoo! Messenger, multiple YM, multiple , Yahoo! Messenger, multi YM

Download Yahoo Multi Messenger 2014
Size: 58 KB
New software

Download Squiggle LAN Messenger
Size: 3.15 MB
New software

Download Raptr
Size: 34.8 MB
New software
Voice Changer for VOIP
A useful application that is able to add funny sound effects to your voice when you are us
Tags: pitch modifier, pitch , voice morpher, voice changer

Download Voice Changer for VOIP
Size: 2.49 MB
New software
R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger
R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger allows you to run multiple instances of the Yahoo! Messenger
Tags: chat , Yahoo Messenger runner, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Messenger patch, YM patcher

Download R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger
Size: 0.13 MB
New software

Download MyLiveChat
Size: 21 MB
New software
Celensoft Instant 1.5.2
A social networking and email client application designed to provide you with a means of m
Tags: Twitter , Facebook client, Twiter client, Gmail client

Download Celensoft Instant
Size: 13.18 MB
New software

Download Advansys RecollX Professional
Size: 6.16 MB
New software
Yahoo Unboot Able
A small, yet very efficient utility that prevents Yahoo booters from accessing your accoun
Tags: blocker , Yahoo booter protection, Yahoo booter blocker, prevent Yahoo booter

Download Yahoo Unboot Able
Size: 0.17 MB
New software
Cleverbot XMPP
An easy to use application built in Java that provides you with a chat bot for Gmail and F
Tags: Facebook chat bot, automatic reply, Gmail chat bot, reply

Download Cleverbot XMPP
Size: 1.05 MB
New software
Reports your Spotify song information to Microsoft Lync
Tags: Spotify reporter, Spotify status, status , Lync status

Download SpotifyLync
Size: 6 KB
New software

Download ICQ-Banner-Remover
Size: 0.59 MB
New software
Launcher for Skype 1.6.8
Launches multiple skype sessions and sign on accounts.
Tags: Launch , Skype Login, Run Skype, Launch Skype

Download Launcher for Skype
Size: 0.87 MB
New software

Download Yahoo Multi ID Login
Size: 28 KB
New software

Download SecureChat for Skype
Size: 2.91 MB
New software
AutoTyping IM Edition 1.3
A useful application that enables you to save a lot of time by giving you an accurate and
Tags: typer , predict word, word completion, word suggestion

Download AutoTyping IM Edition
Size: 1.61 MB

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