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New software
NVorbis 0.8.3 Beta
A lightweight, yet efficient programming library that can be used in projects involving th
Tags: library , Vorbis container, Vorbis OGG, Vorbis decoder

Download NVorbis
Size: 50 KB
New software
Python Computer Graphics Kit 2.0.0
A set of Python modules and utilities that developers can use for managing 3D data, creati
Tags: Python module, graphics , 3D object creator, 3D object, create 3D object

Download Python Computer Graphics Kit
Size: 1.6 MB
New software
UnboundID LDAP SDK 2.3.8
A Java API to help you with your work
Tags: SDK , read LDIF, LDAP directory server, Java API

Download UnboundID LDAP SDK
Size: 11264 MB
New software
Tibia Universal MC .NET 1.0.2 Beta
A library to be used in complex projects aiming to provide multi-client connections to the
Tags: client , multiple client, Tibia Universal, XenoMC port

Download Tibia Universal MC .NET
Size: 13 KB
New software
fuzzylite 4.0b1401
A simple library in C that you can use to create and implement fuzzy logic Mamdani and T
Tags:fuzzy logic controller, fuzzy logic, Takagi-Sugeno controller, Mamdani controller, Mamdani

Download fuzzylite
Size: 6.72 MB
New software
Math toolkit 1.5.5
A C and Python library that can calculate statistics and finance functions
Tags: statistics , function calculator, finance function, statistics function

Download Math toolkit
Size: 0.32 MB
New software
Eigen 3.2
A C library designed for linear algebra
Tags: C library, linear algebra, matrix function, C

Download Eigen
Size: 2.14 MB
New software
UISpec4J 2.4
Powerful, accessible and reliable development package that enables you to easily and quick
Tags:Swing GUI tester, unit testing library, Swing GUI, Java GUI , test Java GUI

Download UISpec4J
Size: 0.41 MB
New software
CollLib 1.4
Useful, reliable and accessible function library that can be used by novice / experienced
Tags:Java library, developer , Java development, development library

Download CollLib
Size: 0.13 MB
New software
Word Reference Java API 0.0.22 Beta
A simple, configurable Java API designed to help you implement an advanced translation sys
Tags: synonym , translation system, search synonym, translation API

Download Word Reference Java API
Size: 0.64 MB
New software
UITestingHelpers 0.1 Beta
A rich collection of C# helpers designed for automating the process of testing application
Tags: testing , automate testing, testing automation, testing helper

Download UITestingHelpers
Size: 100 KB
New software
Commons Email 1.3.1
Accessible, open source and powerful Java-based library that was specially developed to pr
Tags: HTML , Java library, Java email, email library

Download Commons Email
Size: 0.92 MB
New software
Upida 2.9.9
A Java library to aid develeopers in the tedious job of cleaning code up using some very i
Tags:Java library, clean code, reduce code, code

Download Upida
Size: 0.98 MB
New software
Information Library for C
An easy to implement and lightweight library that can help developers with information ori
Tags: C# library, .NET library, information programming, framework

Download Information Library for C
Size: 4 KB
New software
fastJSON 2.0.28
Accessible, open source, powerful and zero-dependency instrument that can be used to help
Tags: JSON generator, JSON processor, generator , JSON parser

Download fastJSON
Size: 45 KB
New software
GoogleVoice.NET 1.10950 PreAlpha
Accessible and open source C#-based tool that enables developers to work with the Google V
Tags: C# API, Google Voice API, development tool, development , Goggle Voice

Download GoogleVoice.NET
Size: 2 KB
New software
Trac Explorer Beta
An easy to implement component that provides you with a solution for integration for Edgew
Tags: trac ticket, ticket manager, trac system, message

Download Trac Explorer
Size: 1.02 MB
New software
mcmctoolbox 0.3
Reliable and lightweight Matlab toolbox that was specially designed to help developers wor
Tags:Matlab toolbox, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Matlab , MCMC toolbox

Download mcmctoolbox
Size: 0.16 MB
New software
OOXML Lite 0.2 Beta
A simple, lightweight and open source OOXML library that supports creating and parsing Wor
Tags:DOCX parser, XLSX parser, DrawingML , create document

Download OOXML Lite
Size: 0.58 MB
New software
matGeom 1.1.7
Mathematical function package for Matlab
Tags: create geometric primitive, Matlab library, math function, math

Download matGeom
Size: 1.05 MB
New software
Hierarchical Data Light Library
Hierarchical data related components for Silverlight 4 / WPF 4
Tags: Silverlight component, WPF component, hierarchy , hierarchical data

Download Hierarchical Data Light Library
Size: 2.73 MB
New software

Download Simple Injector
Size: 0.8 MB

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