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Reco4j 0.4.0
A recommendation framework based on graph databases
Tags:recommendation framework, engine , graph database, recommendation engine

Download Reco4j
Size: 99 KB
New software

Download Extended WPF Toolkit Community Edition
Size: 1.1 MB
New software

Download TMS Security System
Size: 1.5 MB
New software

Download Doboz for .NET
Size: 20 KB
New software
A treeview and listview combined with columns
Tags: Treeview Component, Treeview List, Control , List Creator

Download TTreeList
Size: 1.07 MB
New software
TinyThread 1.1
A threading library to help you with your development.
Tags: thread , subset implementation, C library, development tool

Download TinyThread
Size: 0.12 MB
New software
corn-cps 1.1.1
A Java module for scanning class paths
Tags: scan , class path scanner, scan class path, resource path

Download corn-cps
Size: 28 KB
New software
Office 2007 style panel with sophisticated opacity, fill, shadow
Tags: Design Panel, Panel Component, Create Panel, Design

Download TAdvSmoothPanel
Size: 12.26 MB
New software
Thumbnailator 0.4.4
A Java library for creating thumbnails
Tags: Java library, create thumbnail, generate , thumb generator

Download Thumbnailator
Size: 0.19 MB
New software
A plugin for Eclipse designed for genome sequence analysis
Tags: sequence , genome sequence, genome analysis, detect variant

Download NGSEP
Size: 3.84 MB
New software
Smoothly animated Vista/Office style progress bar
Tags: Develop Bar, Progress Bar, Create Bar, Design , Progress Bar

Download TAdvSmoothProgressBar
Size: 7.07 MB
New software
A simple class for implementing BaseX encoding
Tags: Base64 , Base64 encoding, BaseX library, BaseX class

Download BaseXCodecs
Size: 19 KB
New software
JavaUCP 1.0
A Java library for UCP transportation to SMS centers
Tags: Java library, UCP , send SMS, UCP transport

Download JavaUCP
Size: 44 KB
New software
ExternalCompare Eclipse Plug-in 1.0.0
A plugin for launching an external compare editor from Eclipse
Tags: launcher , launch external editor, Eclipse plugin, compare editor

Download ExternalCompare Eclipse Plug-in
Size: 10 KB
New software
TWAIN Data Source Manager 2.2.2
A library for acquiring images from scanners and other devices
Tags: acquire , scan image, scanning source, TWAIN scanner

Download TWAIN Data Source Manager
Size: 0.38 MB
New software

Download Derby.NET
Size: 3.78 MB
New software
Zeta HTML Edit Control 2013-05-20
A small wrapper class around the Windows Forms 2.0 WebBrowser control
Tags: WebBrowser control, Control , HTML Edit Control, Wrapper Class

Download Zeta HTML Edit Control
Size: 0.28 MB
New software
Export To PDF .NET Assembly 1.3.37
A PDF development .NET assembly designed to help you develop PDF conversion .NET applicati
Tags: conversion library, assembly , ExportToPDF library, .NET assembly

Download Export To PDF .NET Assembly
Size: 4.49 MB
New software
Menulab RichTextBox 2.0
Integrate professional rich text editing functionality into your ASP .NET applications
Tags: editor , ASP .NET, button remover, ASP .NET editor, Visual Studio component

Download Menulab RichTextBox
Size: 0.12 MB
New software
GRAL 0.9
Display graphs, diagrams and charts with this library
Tags: Java library, diagram , chart library, plot library

Download GRAL
Size: 0.31 MB
New software
ZThread 2.3.2
Object-Oriented library to help you with your work
Tags:synchronization library, development library, sync library, wrapper

Download ZThread
Size: 0.4 MB
New software
ID3v2 Library
ID3v1 and ID3v2 Taging Library (.dll) for use in Win32, Win64 and OSX software.
Tags: tag editor, ID3v1, ID3v2, ID3v2 editor, win32 component

Download ID3v2 Library
Size: 7.28 MB
New software
Tedhi 0.1 Alpha
A Java library for parsing dates within your applications
Tags: date parser, Java library, date , parse date

Download Tedhi
Size: 23 KB

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