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Bitcoin Miner
A Bitcoin mining tool that allows you to use multiple online services in order to effortle
Tags: create , Bitcoin generator, create Bitcoin, earn Bitcoin

Download Bitcoin Miner
Size: 1.58 MB
New software
This particular application will help you automate some of your developing operations such
Tags: optimization , development optimization, developer toolbox, optimize development

Download TBox
Size: 3.51 MB
New software

Download MockupCreator
Size: 0.96 MB
New software
Mangastream Downloader 4.1
Download manga with this handy application.
Tags:manga downloader, download manga, manga , manage manga

Download Mangastream Downloader
Size: 0.18 MB
New software
Altova MissionKit for Enterprise Software Architects 2013 Release 2 SP 2
Intelligent and powerful software development suite of enterprise-class XML, SQL, and UML
Tags: programmer , software architect, progrma development, application development

Download Altova MissionKit for Enterprise Software Architects
Size: 218.37 MB
New software
Biosignal Tools 2.85
Developed as handy, accessible and powerful biomedical signal processing library that can
Tags:biomedical signal library, psychology , Matlab toolbox, develop brain-computer interface

Download Biosignal Tools
Size: 6.81 MB
New software
Kinect Skeleton Recorder 1.0.4 Alpha
Lightweight, reliable and useful instrument that can be used to quickly and easily record
Tags: Xbox , Kinect recorder, record Kinect, skeleton viewer

Download Kinect Skeleton Recorder
Size: 13 KB
New software
Caché Monitor 2.00
Integrated environment for accessing, configuring, managing and administering various comp
Tags: server , SQL developer, database cache, SQL development

Download Caché Monitor
Size: 6.65 MB
New software
Aloaha Smartcard Connector 5.0.281
Smart Card Connector, CSP and PKCS11 for HBA, eGK, QS1, Belpic and much more
Tags: security enhancement, authenticate communication, card , card connector

Download Aloaha Smartcard Connector
Size: 18 MB
New software
XSB 3.4
Accessible, powerful and user-friendly programming and deductive database system that can
Tags: database system, programming system, LP , development environment

Download XSB
Size: 10.93 MB
New software

Download actionBarEZ
Size: 16 MB
New software
Booking Online Form Maker
An intuitive and useful tool designed to help you quickly create PHP or ASP/VBScript onlin
Tags: form generator, booking form, source code , online form

Download Booking Online Form Maker
Size: 89 KB
New software
Modern Street View
Explore places around the world via a 360 degree street imagery that allows you to take a
Tags: map explorer, street view, imagery , map street view, Bing street view

Download Modern Street View
Size: 3.38 MB
New software

Download signEZ
Size: 16 MB
New software
Hansoft Git Integration 8.0003
Allows you to associate the Git commits with the items stored on the Hansoft server in ord
Tags: Hansoft server integration, Hansoft , Git commit sync, associate Git commit

Download Hansoft Git Integration
Size: 20992 MB
New software
Query Browser 2.2
Lightweight, easy-to-use and powerful tool that allows you to easily connect to a MySQL DB
Tags: MySQL browser, Oracle , browse query, database explorer

Download Query Browser
Size: 8.02 MB
New software
UScan: WebSpider Software
Software that fetches all the relevant information of the given web page
Tags: crawl URL, retriever , webpage crawler, web spider

Download UScan: WebSpider Software
Size: 1.57 MB
New software
Property Builder Beta
Easily generate GET and SET procedures from within Visual Studio
Tags: GET procedure, creator , create GET procedure, generate procedure, SET procedure

Download Property Builder
Size: 12 KB
New software
Java OutlookExpress Reader 1.1 Beta
Read your DBX files with the help of this Java tool
Tags: DBX reader, parse , read DBX, DBX parser

Download Java OutlookExpress Reader
Size: 11 KB
New software

Download fullmo Kickdrive
Size: 13.32 MB
New software
Generates HTML report files from VSTS 2008 as well as VSTS 2010 result files (trx)
Tags: generate , TRX2HTML, HTML report, HTML report generator, TRX to HTML

Download TRXtoHTML
Size: 30 KB
New software
Stock It 3.6
A bookmark sharing application that works with iPhone / iPad / Android
Tags: organizer , share bookmark, bookmark manager, bookmark organizer

Download Stock It
Size: 1.36 MB
New software
Code Search 1.0
A simple Visual Studio plugin that helps you to search for code
Tags: Share , Share Code, Visual Studio Plugin, Code Searcher

Download Code Search
Size: 0.69 MB

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