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Software to obtain perfect ORM Definitions in a fast manner

Download Skipper
Size: 19148.8 MB
New software
Wonder Lister 01.03.0225
A useful application for the eBay users who need to manage their products, offers, invento
Tags: inventory tracker, manage eBay account, transaction report, organize

Download Wonder Lister
Size: 15052.8 MB
New software
Octopus Deploy 3.11.15
Simple to use application to automate and reduce the time to produce .NET applications and

Download Octopus Deploy
Size: 160768 MB
New software
Altova DatabaseSpy Professional Edition 2017 SP2
Software for query, design, compare, and convert with multi databases

Download Altova DatabaseSpy Professional Edition
Size: 41472 MB
New software
ChromeCookiesView 1.30
Software to identify and delete cookies stored by Chrome, while allowing you to generate H

Download ChromeCookiesView
Size: 173 MB
New software
Git Extensions 2.49.03
Ease your work with Git by using this tool

Download Git Extensions
Size: 55500.8 MB
New software
A user-friendly software solution for importing CSV or TXT data and exporting it to Sqlite
Tags:CSV to Sqlite, TXT to Sqlite, CSV2Sqlite, TXT2Sqlite, Sqlite

Download TxtToSqlite
Size: 6963.2 MB
New software
DataNumen SQL Recovery
Repairs and recovers SQL MDF files
Tags: fix , MDF fixer, SQL repair, MDF repair

Download DataNumen SQL Recovery
Size: 2048 MB
New software
Tanida Demo Builder
Create top quality product demonstrations, simulations and tutorials - easily!
Tags:build presentation, create tutorial, make slideshow, creator

Download Tanida Demo Builder
Size: 80384 MB
New software
Import SQL Server data to Access easy and quickly
Tags: Convert Database, Convert , Sql2Access, Sql To Access, MsSql Converter

Download MsSqlToAccess
Size: 6451.2 MB
New software
XStudio 3.1sp2
A versatile test management software solution usable with any kinds of tests
Tags: manage , QA management, test management, QA tester

Download XStudio
Size: 104448 MB
New software
NxFilter-Cloud 4.0.6
Multi-tenancy cloud based webfilter software

Download NxFilter-Cloud
Size: 15155.2 MB
New software

Download OracleToAccess
Size: 6451.2 MB
New software
Arduino 1.8.2
Write code and upload it to the I/O board
Tags: Upload Code, Arduino Platform, Write Code, Compiler , Arduino Code

Download Arduino
Size: 91750.4 MB
New software
FreeNAS 10.0.2 (Corral)
A Free NAS server that supports FTP, NFS protocols, Software RAID
Tags:NAS server, attached storage, NFS , NFS protocol

Download FreeNAS
Size: 821248 MB
New software
Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise
Automate entire business processes and spend more time in the bar
Tags:automate business, SQL , codeless automation, transfer database

Download Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise
Size: 47001.6 MB
New software
Advanced ETL Processor Professional
Extract transform and load any data and automate entire business processes
Tags:ETL processor, codeless automation, SQL , automate database

Download Advanced ETL Processor Professional
Size: 43212.8 MB
New software

Download Advanced ETL Processor
Size: 15360 MB
New software
A tool to import Excel data to Sql Server database
Tags: import XLS, XLS to SQL, SQL , XLS2SQL, Excel to SQL

Download XlsToSql
Size: 7782.4 MB
New software

Download XlsToMy
Size: 7577.6 MB
New software
LinqConnect for Silverlight 4.6.1199
Silverlight Database Access through LINQ to SQL and ADO.NET
Tags: LINQ Integration, LINQ , Silverlight Development, Database Development

Download LinqConnect for Silverlight
Size: 45875.2 MB
New software
ChromeHistoryView 1.30
Software to view browsing history of Chrome Web browser

Download ChromeHistoryView
Size: 179 MB
New software
CompanionLink FA Build 7038
Software to sync Wise Agent, Infusionsoft, SalesJunction, or Respond with smartphones

Download CompanionLink FA
Size: 26828.8 MB
New software
deltasql 1.8.1
Manage your databases with this tool
Tags: manage database, SQL database, manager , database management

Download deltasql
Size: 23142.4 MB

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