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CLWeather 1.5
View weather conditions from your city right onto your desktop
Tags:forecast viewer, show weather, temperature , weather forecast

Download CLWeather
Size: 0.78 MB
New software

Download Exil IPFilter Updater
Size: 1.2 MB
New software
DAO4Sync for Google Drive 2.0.2
Establishes a real local drive for your Google Drive, e.g. documents, folders
Tags: Google Docs, Google Docs synchronization, document management, Google Docs drive, synchronization

Download DAO4Sync for Google Drive
Size: 4.81 MB
New software
FBMonitor 2.0
A simple way to monitor your Facebook account
Tags: status , Facebook client, Facebook monitor, Facebook status

Download FBMonitor
Size: 5 MB
New software
Twidium Accounter 3.8 Build 3
Automatically maintain and fill in content in Twitter account groups.
Tags: Twitter , Twitter poster, Twitter automation, Twitter reply

Download Twidium Accounter
Size: 5.15 MB
New software
Service Bus Best Practice Analyzer
A tool designed for administrators who want to determine the overall health of their Servi
Tags:Service Bus BPA, Service Bus, Service Bus farm, farm , configuration analyzer

Download Service Bus Best Practice Analyzer
Size: 0.4 MB
New software
ElasticWolf 4.1.13
A client interface for accessing Amazon Web Services
Tags:Amazon Web Service, access AWS account, manage AWS service, Amazon

Download ElasticWolf
Size: 20.51 MB
New software
Sanity4J 1.0.7
Run multiple Java code static analysis tools with this software
Tags:analyze source code, Java code analysis, development tool, source code

Download Sanity4J
Size: 8.31 MB
New software
Color Warlock
Use color charts to copy HTML hex color codes
Tags: color chart, color code, chart , color palette

Download Color Warlock
Size: 0.28 MB
New software
ScenarLang 1.1.9
A domain specific language that can determine what the result of a call to a mock should b
Tags:declare Java object, method signature, unit test , class object

Download ScenarLang
Size: 14.17 MB
New software
SASUnit 1.2
Test SAS programs and generate documentation with this tool.
Tags: generate documentation, SAS test framework, SAS program tester, tester

Download SASUnit
Size: 3.84 MB
New software
Apache Camel 2.11.1
A powerful open source integration framework based on known Enterprise Integration Pattern
Tags: Enterprise Integration Patterns, Bean Integration, framework , Bean Integration integration, integration framework

Download Apache Camel
Size: 9.96 MB
New software

Download Mavenize-FX
Size: 2.75 MB
New software
JETT 0.5.1
Build your Excel spreadsheets with this tool
Tags: Excel , spreadsheet template, template creator, Excel spreadsheet

Download JETT
Size: 2.46 MB
New software

Download DBPlot
Size: 3.09 MB
New software
VS Solution Shortcutter 1.0.3
Creates shortcuts to your Visual Studio projects, executables and solutions
Tags: generate , create shortcut, project shortcut, Visual Studio, Visual Studio shortcut

Download VS Solution Shortcutter
Size: 0.22 MB
New software
Download Speed Test 1.0.19
Test the download speed of your internet connection or of a remote server.
Tags:Speed Tester, Speed , Test Speed, Verify Speed

Download Download Speed Test
Size: 6.04 MB
New software

Download Web link collections
Size: 7.38 MB
New software
JTables 2.1.7
Framework that can aid you with your table work
Tags: table framework, development framework, Java framework, CSV

Download JTables
Size: 40 KB
New software

Download Saxon
Size: 4.4 MB
New software
ContiPerf 2.3.1
A testing tool to help you with your work
Tags: development tool, test tool, test , JUnit test case

Download ContiPerf
Size: 0.25 MB
New software
Tracks how much time you spend on Facebook
Tags: counter , Facebook timer, monitor Facebook, Facebook tracker

Download TimeRabbit
Size: 6.95 MB
New software
OraBone 7.9.2
Powerful Oracle database management
Tags: Oracle database, database manager, SQL , Oracle management

Download OraBone
Size: 8.32 MB

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